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MP feels drivers' pain

Independent MP Rob Oakeshott has assured motorists he understands they need protection from price rises — but failed to join fellow country independent Tony Windsor in opposing including petrol in a future carbon price scheme.

Faster buses leave motorists in a spin

THE Roads and Traffic Authority says the duplication of the Iron Cove Bridge is making a healthy difference for bus commuters down Victoria Road, and is having little impact on motorists.

Motorists showing signs of freeway confusion

THE series of entry and exit ramps created by the government's $1.4 billion widening of the West Gate and CityLink freeways is leaving motorists baffled — and often lost.

You choose: car culture or heaven on two wheels

I am quivering in excited anticipation for the heated debate that is bound to ensue from Sydney road users after your front-page article on Sydney's enraged anti-cycling culture.

Stop to pay toll

THE state government has kept its promise to lift the toll on the M4. Certainly governments should keep their promises as a rule, but this government has fulfilled so few of its undertakings in transport that meeting this one will probably do its reputation little good. And as usual more